91four began in early of 2014 when our now-international director, Terra Rogers, traveled alone to Uganda. It was during this trip, after spending time in the capital city of Kampala, and witnessing the utter poverty of teenage Karamojong girls in the city's slums, that the vision for 91four was formed.

Terra observed the heart-breaking condition of this beautiful, nomadic people displaced by war, violence, and socio-economic hardship. The young girls who would become the heart and soul of the 91four ministry were “sweeping for beans,” or trying to collect enough beans that fell from food-delivery trucks to try to make the $0.20 needed to pay the tribal elders for one night's shelter in the slum.

Why the Karamojong? This group isn’t native to Kampala but migrated south from the northern region of Karamoja after their region was invaded by those seeking to exploit it for minerals, oil, and urban development. They are viewed with racial bias by most due to their history of violence and cattle-raiding, and as a result the Karamojong have suffered dehumanizing treatment and exploitation.

In Terra’s words: “When you are hungry in the slum district and you cannot find food, or you are sick and cannot obtain treatment, you die, period. When you are raped, kidnapped, trafficked and eventually disappear, there is no one to help save you; you simply cease to exist.”

Terra returned to the United States, and with God’s grace assembled a team of people both stateside and in Uganda. In just a few short years, 91four has grown to include a regular staff Ugandans, with many more volunteers in both locations. At present, 91four has been blessed to remove over 150 girls and 30+ children from the slums and in 2019, we moved into a newly constructed dormitory on our 5-acre campus.

Over the course of just the next few years, over 1000 young women will have been rescued from the streets of Kampala, saved from human trafficking, hunger, disease and hopelessness and instead provided with: a Christian discipleship program, educational, and vocational training. This second chance education and training, provided for through financial supporters like you, will help every girl to accomplish more than she could have ever dreamt possible...

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