Rescuing Girls: One by One

91four began when its founders put our own money together to rent a small home for the girls on a humble half-acre of land within the city of Kampala. After a few years, we began to see all God was doing with the ministry and began to wonder if he might be calling us to do even more for the Karamojong. We knew that so many more girls needed help! We started to pray and fast and wait. And then it happened…

Through the kindness of a very generous (and unexpected!) donation, we were able to purchase five acres of very good land just outside of Kampala. In February 2019, we brought the first group of girls into our newly built dormitory and classrooms.

We began with what we called “Phase I” of the project and, through the prayers and financial support of our donors, we were able to:

  • Work with an all-Ugandan team to clear and level five acres of land
  • Dig a Production Well to Supply the Campus with Water
  • Run Power to Supply the Entire Campus with Electricity
  • Install a Security Fence to Surround the Campus Perimeter
  • Plant Crops and Fruit Trees for Self-Sustainability

After this initial work was completed, we began to fund-raise over the course of a little over a year for what we called “Phase II” which would include:

  • A Dormitory to House 54 Girls
  • A Shipping Container Which Serves as a Temporary Vocational Center and temporary primary school for our young children

In February of 2019, we moved into our new dormitory and education center!

A Primary school for 1st - 7th grade

    • The building for grades 1 - 4 was completed in February 2021
    • The building for grades 5 - 7 was completed in October 2021
    • Nursery section for ages 3-5

We are now working toward an additional girls dormitory

How can you help?

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to support the expansion of the mission. 

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