Expanding Our Mission

This is a time of major changes at 91four, and a significant expansion of our mission.  We're working on a new campus building project with the following additions:

  • A bigger home to house up to 100 girls, along with a kitchen and dining area
  • A vocational center
  • A chapel
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Phase I has been completed! With the help of our generous donors, we were able to work with Ugandan contractors and workers to clear and level the five acres of land, dig a production well which will supply the entire campus with water, run power, put up a privacy fence around the perimeter of the property, a security gate—and plant hundreds of fruit trees and crops. Thank you for helping us complete Phase I!

Phase II will include a bigger home to house up to 100 girls, along with a kitchen and dining area. Phase II is the most important phase of what we are doing because it will not only allow us to move the current girls of the project into a much better facility but it will allow us to begin to help many, many other girls who desperately need help! Please consider making a special campus donation today so that we can begin!

In Phase III, our plan is to build a vocational center which will allow our staff to provide improved and expanded job training to prepare the girls for when they graduate from the program. Part of this phase will also include an education center whereby we can expand our educational and biblical training so that we can equip the girls with the tools they will need no matter where they go in life.

Phase IV will be the final phase of our campus building project, and will include a chapel for preaching, teaching and other gatherings. Please pray that God might use you and your church to help with this church plant. Imagine how many more girls can come to know the love of Jesus through the generosity of you and your church!

How can you help?

Donate to support the expansion of our mission!  We're going to be housing up to 100 girls, while providing vocational support and spiritual nourishment.